Kid’s got an appetite that puts the beasts of the Wild to shame.

I’m really digging Mega Pidgeot’s design!

thewinkingelephant sent:
i just have to say, i absolutely LOVE your star-deer. it is so amazing! what is your view on people getting tats that are your artwork? not saying i am, but i wouldnt mind having that piece of artwork on me at all!

Ahh, thank you so much!!

And I’m perfectly fine with people getting tattoos of my artwork. Honestly, I’m honored that people would even consider it! All I ask is for anyone thinking of getting one to ask me first.

Anonymous sent:
I am angry I wanted to ask you something but it's way too big and won't send :(

Aw man that sucks :( Maybe try sending it in parts?

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Anonymous sent:
OMG THE space deer thing is so cute I want it!

Aww, thanks, glad you like it!

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Well I do mine at the store in person, I just ask for cardstock prints.

Ah, alright. Thanks for your help and advice!