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Hey! i nedd your help, first of all, thanks a lot for the brush settings!! they're really fun to use! well the thing is: in your ROUGH brush setting do you have the "watercolor 2" thing but in my sai it no appear... if you help me... thanks! and awesome works btw! c:

Glad to hear you’re enjoying them! 

The Rough brush that I have posted is slightly outdated, in my current version of SAI I have textures like “Watercolor 1 pt” and “Watercolor 2 pt” instead of just “Watercolor 2”… but I’m not sure why you don’t? This is the version of SAI I’m currently using, if it helps. 

And thanks!!

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Hi! I just saw and reblogged a picture I saw on tumblr that came from your blog. It's the one with a deer and antlers with stars in it. I wanted to firstly check if you did that drawing and secondly, if you did draw it, could I possibly use that idea of the drawing as part of a tattoo I have in mind for myself? I love the ideas of the stars being mixed up/or tangled in the antlers. I was already going to have antlers in my design anyways.

Hello! Yes, that is my drawing, and yes, you can use the drawing for tattoo ideas! 

So I wrote a story about the deer because I really liked it. So, here it is.

There once was a monster with horns so high, they reached right up and tore the sky. Plop, plop, plop said each star as it fell, while the world below went to hell. The humans ran out in neat little lines because thats what they were taught, it was in their designs. So the people were picked off, one by one, it was quite a shame, they were all so young. The monster sat, head cradled in its hands. This was not what it wanted, it was not in its plans.The monster set out to right all its wrongs and to find a place where it truly belongs.

On its knees and head bowed low it happened upon a little doe. She was a girl, so her own head was bare, but she’d recognize those antlers anywhere.

“You’re a deer, my dear,” she called out to her kin, but the monster shook its head instead, it knew what it was within.

“I don’t know what deers you’ve seen or where you’ve been,” he answered, ”but I’m a monster, not a deer. For if I was I’d be an imposter.”

The doe gave a hard look at the beast before her, but she could not understand how this deer could be so unaware. It was being so unfair. One mistake was all it made, but she knew somehow it could come to their aid. She turned on her tail, and told it to follow her trail. So it traveled with, and they traveled very swift. They traveled to the edge of the Earth, they traveled the entire girth.

One day the duo met a herd that had overheard their tale of woe. They were aware the pair had traveled to and fro, and that the horned creature was not a foe. So the group joined the two in their quest to make sure they would achieve success.

During their trek they came across a wreck. As they turned to the sky the doe let out a cry, “oh no, surely we’re all going to die!” For stars were falling from the sky.

With eyes opened wide, the monster knew it had to provide. So it thrust his horns to the stars, the tops seeming to touch even Mars. It’s antlers open like a net, it swore it would catch every last threat.

The stars clung to his horns like a stem and it’s thorns. The herd look up and let out a cry. They were all so glad they didn’t die.

They spread this tale and the story took sail. The story of a deer that catches stars in its antlers.



Hi! Here’s your transparent deer drawing.
I really think you did a fantastic job. You should be very proud of this deer.

florentia-lucem made a lovely transparent version of the drawing, in case anyone wants to use it! (please credit if you do!)



A deer that catches stars in its antlers

Can someone write a story about this deer? I want to read about this deer. What if this was the deer that brings the sun to Canada? Tiny deer flies across the sky and pushes the stars. Tiny deer. Small deer.


Thanks!! Here’s a little process gif for you, I hope it helps explain things! What I didn’t include was a tiny bit of tweaking I did with Photoshop after (just to make the image clearer). 

For brushes, I used SAI’s airbrush (with a hard edge), a middle_flat brush, and this fantastic star brush

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Hi I made your star deer have a transparent background. Is it okay if I post it?

Sorry but I’d prefer if you didn’t :/ It’s very awesome that you did that, I just feel a bit conflicted over letting others post edits of my art, sorry! 

It does sound like a transparent background version of the drawing might be useful to some people, though (in case they want to use it for a sidebar, or something?) Maybe you could submit the image to me? (credit will be given)

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Sososo would you mind if I got the picture you drew of the star deer tattooed on me??


I have never gotten a tattoo before so I have no idea how people decide these things so… I would just say make sure you definitely want it as a tattoo before getting it?? Because I know those things are permanent and I would feel bad if someone got my art as a tattoo and then regretted it later haha;;

But otherwise, no, I do not mind! Honestly I’m HONORED that you’d consider something like this. Thanks for asking permission!! If you do end up deciding to get a tattoo of the deer I’d love to see it :)

A deer that catches stars in its antlers

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